Traditours travels on famous song « Moi mes souliers »

News of 01.02.2018

Traditours travels on famous song « Moi mes souliers »

Montreal, January 8, 2018 – Voyages Traditours unveils a new advertising platform that will be deployed across the province of Quebec. Starting with the launch of a major web and television campaign, created by dada communications, Traditours takes us around the globe on the lyrics of the famous French song Moi mes souliers. The musical legacy having generated many memories across several generations, will support the campaign’s deployment during Winter and Fall 2018. This first major advertising campaign will be featured on TV (Radio-Canada, TVA and several specialized channels), on the web, and supported by promotional activities.

Traditours offers all-inclusive group journeys outside the beaten paths. Taking this unique aspect as the starting point, the advertising concept was thought to transport the viewer through the steps of a Traditours traveler. The landscapes from all over the world carry us into a continuous movement with a focus on the traveling shoes exploring breathtaking destinations. The song Moi mes souliers was therefore a natural fit for the concept.

“Established in 1999, Traditours has made built its reputation by offering both exclusive and affordable excursions in the heart of tradition. Today, we are the Quebec leader in all-inclusive and accompanied group tour packages, offering over 90 tours and 50 cruises in French to discover the four corners of the world. Having the opportunity to associate our company with the words of Moi mes souliers is for us an immense honor. This partnership gives us the immense privilege to join the emotional connection our clientele has with the song to the unforgettable experiences they live in the heart of tradition during their journeys with us. “, specifies Sébastien Forest, president of Traditours.

Traditours has revamped its brand image to illustrate its position as a leader in the industry with the best service offering, especially in the development of new tours and cruises after the acquisition of Croisières FrancoFun in 2016. The company is unique, with its all-inclusive circuits in the heart of traditions, truly bringing its travelers to the most known attractions, but also to the best kept secrets around the world.

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