Traditours helps you travel with dada

News of 23.11.2016

Traditours helps you travel with dada

MONTREAL, November 23, 2016 – Following a thorough selection process, Voyages Traditours, a leader in the organization of travel tours in over 60 destinations across the globe, has chosen dada communications as a partner in its marketing planning for 2017. The mandate includes the implementation of a study in order to better understand Traditours’ current and prospective clientele, as well as the “organized tours” industry; the identification of the company’s positioning; as well as the development and execution of a new advertising platform.

“The travel industry makes us dream, transports us, evokes and nourishes. It’s a privilege for our agency to dive into this world and help Traditours provide new and different ways to discover the world,” says Manon Goudreault, President of dada communications.

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