Fondation BAnQ chooses dada

News of 29.06.2016

Fondation BAnQ chooses dada

Dada communications was chosen by the Fondation de Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec to redesign the brand’s image, as well as its new positioning: “La générosité est dans votre culture” (Generosity is in your culture). The agency also created solicitation tools, as well as a new transactional website for the foundation.

“The foundation’s new image evokes cultural pride and positions it as a creativity catalyst. The colour palette and the different shapes make up an infinity symbol with a positive positioning. It gives the foundation a timeless feel and illustrates the organization’s implication in the diffusion of culture, knowledge and heritage,” says Manon Goudreault, President of dada communications.

Dada communications has always held culture close to its heart. Culture is part of the agency’s DNA and name, which refers to the dada movement. It was a natural partnership for the agency, which simultaneously became a donor of the foundation as away to commit to participating in the organization’s development.

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