Dada makes Unibroue bottles ‘’pop’’!

News of 04.12.2017

Dada makes Unibroue bottles ‘’pop’’!

Dada will be launching an interactive game and web campaign to highlight the closing celebrations of Unibroue’s 25th anniversary. A Quebec based brewer since 1992, Unibroue is well-known for it’s 750ml format ales, topped with their signature corks reminiscent of champagne bottles. In order for fans to share in this occasion’s festivities, the brewer is inviting fans to compose a handset ringtone by ‘‘popping’’ their legendary bottles.

The ‘‘25th Symphony’’ interactive game is available on the web for short time and each user will be able to compose his or her own ringtone using one of the 3 musical themes provided. Also, a web campaign will promote a special 25th anniversary brew, a roasted malt beer with a dark chocolate aroma and delicate, fruity notes which recall the classic Black Forest cake (Available in Canada only, for a limited time).

Since it’s initial creation, Unibroue has drawn inspiration from some of the great Belgian brewing traditions and still to this day, employs the process of refermentation associated with the region of Champagne. In regards to this method, brand director Lisiane Jobidon commented: ‘‘In recognition of this tradition, we feel the need to share our celebration in a playful fashion, honoring over a quarter century of tradition by adding a touch a modernity to it.’’

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