dada creates a first campaign for Communauto

News of 19.06.2017

dada creates a first campaign for Communauto

MONTREAL, June 1, 2017 — This week, Communauto launched a brand-new advertising platform to be deployed in the Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax and Ottawa markets. Simultaneously, the brand released an important campaign created by dada. The platform features the brand’s well-known logo, playfully associating it with various words (Coucou, Coco, Complice, Économie, etc.), in order to illustrate the benefits and advantages of Communauto’s service offer. The campaign was deployed in three phases this spring throughout Montreal and Quebec City. The media plan includes fake headlines in Metro, ads in 24 heures, mobile displays on Communauto vehicles through the use of bumper stickers, programming and digital advertising. The campaign will also include brand activations at various events, using tactical offensives that showcase Communauto’s practicality and accessibility.

“Communauto’s continuous and evolutionary development has allowed us to grow in all markets that we’ve settled in. With a touch of humour, this campaign showcases the advantages presented by our services, while successfully exploiting Communauto’s well-known identity.” Marco Viviani, Vice President of Strategic Development.

Communauto’s desire was to revitalize the brand’s image and position itself as a groundbreaking player in the industry, with a service offer that reaches more people than ever. Communauto is the perfect transportation solution for urban consumers, thanks to the yearly addition of new vehicles and the expansion of the area served by its “auto-mobile” component. User-friendly, practical and accessible, Communauto wanted to put forward a campaign that showcased its true personality.

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