We’re committed to cultivating our curiosity. As such, we build daring, creative and strategic business solutions by exploring beyond the beaten paths, in order to generate tangible results. We’re reviving the dada movement in our own personal way by giving it a pop and colourful feel. We’re flexible, forward-thinking and determined to always search for the most relevant solutions while avoiding preconceived ideas and showing agility, in regards to both ideas and their executions.

Our team

Her dada?


Manon Goudreault is the glue that holds the group together. With more than 20 years of experience in communications, Manon founded dada in 2010 with the desire to create an agency inspired by the irreverent spirit of Dadaism. Her 360-degree approach, her contagious energy and her leadership have enabled her to build a dynamic team that rises to the challenges of developing inventive communication strategies. A generalist, Manon possesses a strong understanding of all spheres of communication, as well as a clear ability to define innovative and efficient approaches to publicity, promotion, direct marketing, special-event management and public relations. In 2007, Université de Montréal awarded her the Young Leader Prize for her outstanding performance at the gala Prix Performance of the School of Management Science. Manon holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, as well as a Masters in Marketing (M.Sc.).

Her dada?


Andréanne is the pillar of our creative team. The proud holder of a Bachelors in Political Science and International Development from McGill, this business woman has taken an unusual career path. This helped sharpen her strategic and creative thinking by bringing different types of expertise into the mix.

Her versatility is astounding. She’s known in her field for her capacity to deliver quickly while upholding the highest quality standards, even on the most ambitious projects. She also sings while driving. Very, very loudly!

His dada?


Sébastien keeps the agency in check. A born communicator and a logistical wizard, he oversees the entire range of social media initiatives of the agency and its clients. Not only does he ensure timely delivery and creative presentation, but he also pays the closest attention to detail and relevance. Honest, effective, and charismatic to boot, Sébastien is loved by all, makes friends wherever he goes, and can handle an incredible amount of work without missing a beat.

Her dada?


For more than 10 years, Ingrid has been managing marketing and communications projects. Organized and dedicated, she can carry out several projects simultaneously. She is recognized for her ability to develop and maintain strong and lasting relationships with her clients. Not only can they rely on her to deliver, but also to talk about  travel, the lastest books, trendy neighborhood restaurants or simply inquire about their weekend. Ingrid is also perfectly bilingual and known to speak Frenglish!


Her dada?


Lalaina is the living incarnation of enthusiasm and positivism. With a solid backbone, she adds pep to every project she touches and ensures to motivate her team to tackle any challenge that may arise.

Originally from Madagascar, she left her country to continue her studies in France, where she was exposed to the world of marketing, communications and events. There, she continued to gain experience among food corporations and by freelancing in event coordination for young students. Her eagerness to learn and discover the unknown brought her to Montreal, where she built a solid experience in promotion and advertising by managing multiplatform, impactful campaigns.  Capable of having a global vision while paying attention to details and of adapting to an ever evolving context, she manages any situation with a one goal in mind: client satisfaction.

Her dada?

water sports

With experience in marketing research, market analysis, digital marketing and advertising, Karen has developed great analytical skills, enabling her to better understand her clients’ industries and to question strategic decisions, to bring them even further. Her diversified experience and interests are great assets that enable her to adapt to the reality and expectations of her accounts.  She has completed an undergraduate degree in Communications and Psychology at Toronto’s York University and a marketing specialized MBA at Paris Graduate School of Management.

His dada?

Flaky pastries

While his aunts thought he would be a poet and his parents an architect, Maxime… or Max (he’ll just turn around faster) was meant for a different path. Today, not possessing the writing skills of a poetry, nor the Cartesian mind of an architect (only a Jack of all Trade, Master of None quality on weekends!), he has turned to advertising and design. With a DEC in Fine Arts, 2 years at Laval University in Graphic Communications and a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design at UQAM, Max is currently building himself a bright career as an Art Director.

He rapidly navigated from multiple roles in his professional journey; from Graphic Designer to Art Director, followed by a specialization as Experiential Art Director and then Agency Director. 14 years have passed since Max first started in the world of design and advertising. In addition to a couple of years as a collegiate football player and a few creative concussions, his personality combines discipline, rigour, passion and delirium (partially controlled!). Whether it’s a pint of ale or a scotch, a chainsaw or a sewing machine, a 2×4 or rosewood, his wide variety of taste assures that his creative quality will suit you brand DNA to its best.

His dada?


William is a true artist. He loves to get his hands dirty – designing, photographing, assembling, silk printing… in short, creating. His ability to listen and understand, combined with his talent for graphic design, give him the tools to create fascinating and unique concepts.

With his unusual European/Antillean background, he has explored a vast range of visual styles and practices in art and design. He holds a Bachelors degree in Visual Art, specializing in lettering and traditional calligraphy, as well as a degree in Visual Communications. Since his arrival in Montreal, he has also completed a DEC in Graphic Design at Cégep Marie-Victorin.

His dada?


His passion: books, TV series, newspapers, magazines, and documentaries, newsletters, encyclopedias, thesauruses, blogs… you name it, he is dialled in. François is our human dictionary and the wise man of the group. His pen and his perfectionism make him an invaluable asset for the agency.

Her dada?

interior design

Marie-Pier has always wanted to work in an agency. With a degree in Communication, Writing and Multimedia from Université de Sherbrooke, she’s set up shop at dada to push limits and coordinate many different projects. Her positive attitude and joie de vivre are undeniable, and she believes that knowing how to be is just as important as knowing how to do.

MP is super organized and knows how to get the job done, creatively and completely. She’s a team player at heart and takes pleasure in lending a helping hand.

Fascinated by beauty and equipped with a sharp eye for brilliant design, she’s inspired by her surroundings and loves to explore the unexplored. Her unique aesthetic is evident in her penchant for minimalist decor, eclectic book covers and square haircuts.

Her dada?

sour candy

Dynamic and full of energy, the tall and spectacled Alexandrine is a Jill-of-all-trades. She’s always ready to jump into a new project or take part in all sorts of activities. She holds a Bachelors in Business Administration (with a specialization in Management) from Université de Sherbrooke and has participated in various types of projects. Alex also loves theatre, fitness and travel equally.

His dada?

documentary series

Charles is our intern for the summer. He’ll complete his Bachelor’s degree in Communication, this next fall at Sherbrooke University.  With an insatiable curiosity and a bright spontaneity, he’s not afraid to take the plunge in any project. This fellow his not afraid to get his hands dirty! A real source of renewable energy, he’s allergic to sluggishness.

When he sens an excess of energy, he just goes for a run or jumps on his skateboard and when he feels the need to relax, he devours documentaries on every topics, from ancient history to astrophysics. Charles is our sportsman with glasses! His philosophy? No matter where you go, you learn something.

Her dada?

Rock climbing

This young graduate in communication, writing and multimedia from Sherbrooke University is a passionate of beauty, work well done and of a perfectly-organized agenda. Her unifying leadership and contagious good mood make her a very delightful social media manager.
In addition to being a ‘’cordon bleu’’ in her spare time, Geneviève is a true outdoor lover: when she is not behind her desk, she can easily be found on a climbing wall or in a rafting boat!

Her dada?

sleeping in

Efficient and multi-talented, Maude is essential for the smooth sailing of the agency. In addition to managing the administrative elements of dada, her hawk eyes and mastery of language are indispensable for our many projects. Always there to lend a strong helping hand, she also oversees the well-being of the entire team. All of this on top of her studies in Anthropology at UdeM!

Her dada?


France is everyone’s favourite accountant. After finishing her technical certification in administration and finance, France launched her career in accounting. Meticulously organized, she handles payroll and all other financial matters of the agency. This numbers wiz ensures accuracy and professionalism, all the while being pleasant and easy to work with – her contagious positivity brightens everyone’s day.